Systems Furniture

Our system furniture is based on Haworth products. hbi is a Preferred Haworth dealer. For more details on the following products please go to

Compose is designed for humans. It is deliberately scaled for seated or standing privacy, while supporting sightlines and daylight—providing new levels of user satisfaction. Engineered for strength and beauty, Compose is available in any combination of fabric, wood, and laminate. It can be reconfigured time after time yet remain straight and true.
PREMISE is designed to complement the way organizations naturally grow and change. It’s a smart investment in the future, affordable, and can fulfill virtually any space objective. PREMISE can route powerful technology, support occupant comfort and performance. PREMISE with Moxie creates visually intriguing environments. You can do a lot with PREMISE. . . and even more when you add Moxie.
UniGroup is durable, reliable, and simple. Installation is quick. Reconfiguration is easy. UniGroup is classic, functional, and affordable. Its’ engineered for changing technology. This is the quality investment that stretches your dollar – and it looks good, too.

Unigroup Too
This is the fresh look for the essential office. Sure, underneath is one of the industry’s most widely installed systems, known for its durability and simplicity; but with squared top trim and tight tolerances, it becomes sleek and rectilinear, sophisticated and classic, even sustainable. You can do great things with a system this intuitive.